VooVoo sounds French but isn't. It's evocative of a French style and of a retro-vintage past, but with an American strength and audacity.

We love to find, sell, revel and delight our customers with beautiful and timeless designs. Because of this we believe our dresses and our causes stand for themselves.

What We Believe:

We believe in high-quality, well-made, fantastic-looking, wonderful-feeling garments.

We believe in encouraging female and minority entrepreneurs.

We believe a dress, jacket or sweater should be able to last a decade or as long as we fit into it.

We believe in education, both about fashion and other things...like math.

We believe in promoting healthy body images, inclusivity and equal rights. VooVooDress.com will not support unrealistic or violent images of women.

We believe nothing is more timeless, inspirational or sexy than a smart woman.

We believe that you should feel great in what you wear and turn heads. We don't want you to just turns heads by looking sharp; we want you to turn heads by thinking sharp too. (That's our motto!)

What We Do With Our Beliefs:

We give some to others. A portion of sales are donated to The United World College and The Institute of American Indian Arts
. (Click the links. Find out how amazing these schools are!)

We are a diverse company, just look at the photo. We are also female-owned and mostly female-operated (But we love working with Zack.)

We practice sustainable shipping methods. See our Shipping Policy for more details.

We order Made in America and fair trade goods when possible. When we can't, we find out as much as we can about the companies we purchase from.

We make sure our employees are happy through employee-centered practices. We are a tight-knit business, so we know when we are not happy.

We hire models with realistic sizing. (Although, we understand that Paola is ridiculously hot.)

We do not photoshop our models.

Above: Our version of photoshopping.

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